2nd PSUG Virtual Academy

September 28 - 30




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Nothing can replace the face to face Networking of a live PSUG Event.  But in these very crazy times, we have been asked by many of you to come up with a way to bring you a great Virtual Event until we can all gather again.  We think we have done just that.  

Join us for our 2nd PSUG Events Virtual Academy!


This 3 day event will be comprised of a LIVE Keynote presentation, well over 50 LIVE & On-demand PowerSchool related sessions as well as a few state specific sessions and rounded out by dozens of FREE Sponsor sessions for you to choose from.


You will have the ability to re-watch your sessions for 2 weeks after the event. The On-demand sessions you choose can be viewed at any time over the open conference window so you won’t need to be tied to your desk for 3 straight days if you don’t want to.


         50ish PowerSchool related sessions (approx 75 hours)

         Live Streaming Sessions

         On-demand Sessions

         State Specific Sessions

         Sponsor Sessions

         Ability to re-watch your sessions for two weeks after

         Secretarial Sessions

         Admistrator Sessions

         SysAdmin Sessions

         Counselor Sessions

         Customization Sessions

         Newbie Sessions

         & MORE!


Each participant will receive a standard amount of 18 hours (12 breakouts) worth of sessions out of our approximate amount of 75 hours of sessions just like we offer at our live events.  PLUS we will unlock 3 more PowerSchool related sessions if you fully view at least 3 sponsor sessions as a bonus!

*Schedule subject to change


You can watch ALL of the Sponsor Sessions and State Reporting sessions (if we offer your state) at no extra cost. So yet another bonus you get at our Virtual Academy that we are unable to offer at our Live events.


Our normal pricing will be $399 for regular virtual events.  Our initial pricing will be $349 so you will want to sign up quickly!!

For all sessions put on by PowerSchool Group, LLC:
“The content of these recordings is confidential and intended for PSUG Events attendees only. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of these recordings with any third party without the written consent of PowerSchool Group LLC.”

Session Schedule