2020 National PSUG Event

10th Annual National PSUG Information Exchange & Vendor Expo
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July 27 - July 30, 2020! 
Caesars Forum Conference Center
Las Vegas, NV

We are excited to bring you the 10th Annual National PSUG Event in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.  

Many NEW & Advanced sessions in 2020!!
A PowerSchool User Conference put on BY PowerSchool users from districts all over the United States is what you will be a part of when you attend the 2019 National PSUG Event & Vendor Expo.  Attend sessions put on by fellow PowerSchool users that will give you a real world view on how others are using PowerSchool in their districts. Please note: While PowerSchool Group, LLC supports our events and will be in attendance at our conference, this is NOT one of their events. These conferences are put on "BY" PowerSchool users "FOR" PowerSchool users.

Registration info:

Welcome to our 10th ANNUAL NATIONAL PSUG EVENT!   We will have about 100 unique PowerSchool related sessions at this event plus dozens of workshops put on by vendors that have products or services that work with PowerSchool.  

Registration includes:  ($499 Early & Past Attendee Pricing Ends March 31st!  Regular rate is $599!)
  • 4 days of great PSUG instructor sessions
  • Breakfast & lunch each day
  • Admission to the Vendor Expo (approx 50 PowerSchool related vendor exhibitors)
  • Admission to the Welcome Reception for you & your adult guest
  • Admission to the Vendor Reception for you & your adult guest
  • Abundant networking opportunities with PS users from all over the world!
  • The registration fee does NOT cover your hotel room.

  • $89+ base hotel room rate at the beautiful Linq Hotel
  • Right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip!  A GREAT location to take in all Vegas has to offer in your free time!
  • 50% discount on hotel room wireless access (FREE 24/7 access in conference area)
  • NO Resort fee! Most Vegas hotels charge over $20 per night for a resort fee. It is waived for us!

Annual Diamond Sponsors:


Annual Platinum Sponsors:


Event Sponsors:

Please note:
  • Details of conference are subject to change up until the time we get there. We will do what we can to bring you the best possible PSUG event and to provide you with as many fun networking opportunities as we can!
  • No Refunds after June 15, 2020. Substitutions will be allowed!
  • Please be sure to include a cell phone number, if possible, on your registration in case we need to contact you
  • PSUG planners may substitute, modify, add or drop sessions at any time up until the time we all get to Las Vegas. 
  • easyregpro.com will have the most up to date conference information so check there often for conference updates.
  • Please get payment in to us in a timely manner
Please make all checks payable to "PSUG Events" 
and mail to:

PSUG Events
P.O. Box 2047
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Session information:

We will have over 200 (100 unique) PowerSchool sessions for our attendees. Presenters from all over the US and perhaps even a few international presenters will be joining us this year. Here is a list of sessions that could be included in this years schedule:

Attendance and Attendance Reports
Auto Comm/Auto Send
Automating Data Tasks
Building a Plug-in: Start to Finish
Building Dynamic Pages
Canada Roundtable
Charter School - Round Table
Clean Your Data
Code Management
Course Management
Creating and Troubleshooting Data Access Accounts
Custom Reports Bundle
Customization - Beginning
Customization - Intermediate
Customization - The Lazy Man's Guide
Customizing PowerTeacher Pro - Advanced
Customizing PowerTeacher Pro - Beginner
Data Access Tags & Codes - Common and Not So Common
Data Automation
Data Dashboards
Data Day - 1 Day Workshop
Data Validation - Setup and Use
Database Extensions Best Practices
DDE - Making your Data Work for You - Double Session
Design Considerations for Standard Based Report Cards
End of Term Process
End of Year Process
Enterprise Reporting - APEX - Lab
Enterprise Reporting - Building APEX Reports - Beginner (Double Session)
Enterprise Reporting - Built in Reports
Enterprise Reporting - Lab
Excel - Beginning
Excel - Charts & Graphs
Excel - Cool Tips & Tricks
Excel - Drop in Lab
Excel - Functions & Formulas
Excel - Pivot Tables
Fees - Student, Course and School
Final Grades - Pieces of the Puzzle
Finding Student Data Errors with sqlReports
Form Letters - creating, importing, exporting
Functions - What do they do?
Getting More From Your Log Entries
Google Sheets
GPAs, Honor Roll and Class Rank
Graduation Issues
Graduation Planner
Health Module Setup
Here's the Plugin, Where's the Outlet
I'm a Counselor - Where's my training?
Implementing Standards
Importing & Exporting
Importing Standards
Incident Management
It's All New - 1 Day Workshop
jQuery - Beginning
jQuery - Intermediate
Language Translation Toolkit
Log and Log Entries
Modern PowerSchool Security
Must Have Customizations
Object Reports - Advanced Tips and Tricks
Object Reports - Drop in Lab
Object Reports - Intro - Double Session
Page Fragments and Insertion Points
PowerQueries and Data Export Manager
PowerScheduler - Build & Load Workshop - (6 Sessions)
PowerScheduler - Load ONLY Workshop (4 Sessions)
PowerScheduler - Registration Screens & Course Groups
PowerSchool 101
PowerSchool Resources
PowerTeacher PRO - Admin Setup
PowerTeacher PRO - In-Depth Gradebook Training - Double Session
PowerTeacher PRO - Standards Analytics
PSCB Custom Reports
Putting it all together - Customization Lab
Q & A for First Time Conference Attendees
Reports - Student Reports & Built In
Reports for Data Integrity
ReportWorks - Basics
Role Based Security
Role Based Security
Scheduling - Elementary and Small School Tools
Scheduling Lab
School Administrator Toolbox
Secretarial Round Table
Setting Up a Test Server (from start to finish)
SQL - Beginning
SQL - Intermediate
SQL - Mastering Dates
sqlReports - Advanced
sqlReports - Creating Reports
sqlReports - Intro
sqlReports - Lab
Standard Based Report Card - Round Table
Standards - Round Table
Start of Year Process - Double Session
State Data Validation and new Validation Reporting Suite by Level Data
Student Contacts - Lab
Student Contacts - Overview
Student Enrollment and Schedules
Student Searches
System Admin - Tips and Tricks
Tables - Where's the data?
Test Scores - Building and Importing
The At Risk Dashboard in PS
Tips and Tricks on Building a Standards Based Report Card
Using Microsoft Access with PowerSchool
Visual PST - Open Lab
Working with One-to-Many Database Extensions - Double
Working with Student Contacts - Double Session

Reception information*:

We will have two great (and FREE) networking receptions for you at our event.   You can network with 100s of PowerSchool users from all over the US and other countries at these wonderful evening receptions and they are FREE as part of your registration and brought to you by our very generous sponsors and our exhibitors.

*Subject to change without notice due to performer issues!!!

Registration 4:00-6:00 PM

Welcome Reception 
Details are being worked out now but we are working on bringing you a fun evening with hundreds of other PowerSchool users.  You won't want to miss this one!

Our generous exhibitors are working with us to bring you a Vendor Reception that will bring you yet another National Headliner!  We are negotiating now to bring you one of Vegas's best at our reception.   This is a great time to network with fellow PowerSchool Users and the many exhibitors that helped bring you this great conference!

FOUR days of great PowerSchool sessions and several nights of networking fun!!  

Again, we know there is a lot to see in Las Vegas but we are going to offer you a few FREE evening receptions with great entertainment, ALL FREE to you and your guest (21 & over please!)!  This is about a $200 value in FREE SHOW TICKETS you will be receiving and it is all included with your conference registration and with the help of our sponsors and exhibitors!!