2018 WI PSUG

Tentative Course Catalog:

A Day in Life of a Powerful Secretary 
A Year in the Life of a Powerful Secretary
Account/Portal Administration
Advanced SQL
Attendance Setup & Reporting
Beginning Customization
Beginning SQL
Built in System Reports
CRDC Reporting 17-18
Customizations: Putting it all Together
Data Access Tags
Data Day
Data Import/Export Manager
DB Extensions 1-to1
Elementary Scheduling
End of Term
Enrolling. Withdrawing & Transferring Students
Enterprise Reporting - APEX
Enterprise Reporting-Built In Reports
Excel: Analyze PowerSchool Data 
Export Templates
GPA, Class Rank, & Honor Roll
Grad Planner
Grad Planner Work Session
Group Functions
Health Functions in PowerSchool
Intermediate SQL
Introduction to HTML/CSS
It's All New
LAB 1 on 1 Sessions
Labels & Form Letters
Logs & Log Entries
Manage Fees w/MBA Fees Plugin
Managing Student Contacts 
MN State Reporting Roundtable
Object Report Basics
One-to-Many Database Extensions Pt. 1
One-to-Many Database Extensions Pt. 2
Page Fragments & Insertion Points
Plug It In, Plug It In - Free Plugins
PowerSchool Q&A
Prep to Build 1
Prep to Build 1/2
Prep to Build 2
Prep to Build 3
Prep to Build 3
Prep to Build 4
Prep to Build 4
PT Pro Admin
PT Pro Teachers
Security Groups and Rolls
Standards-Based Grading Setup
Visual Scheduler
WI Career Education Reporting
WI WISE Data Reporting Changes for 18-19
WI WISE Discipline
WISE Data Reporting for Choice Schools