2017 WI PSUG

Thank you to our vendors who help us put on this great Conference!  

State Data Validation Suite: the State Data Validation Suite from Level Data provides two validation services to proactively correct errors in PowerSchool PRIOR to submission of data to the state. The State Validation service breaks the cycle of submit, reject, fix, and repeat, reducing the time for correcting errors by as much as 75%. Up to ten student records can be corrected at a time. The RealTime Validation service provides an enhanced field validation to PowerSchool stock fields as well as state demographic fields. Validated fields will even show on custom screens. Addresses can be validated too; they are compared to a CASS-certified service. A workflow dialog box shows the status of all pages in one of four workflows and even provides a button for the user to create a bookmark for future reference.

Schoology is putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use LMS that connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education. Millions of people from over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities worldwide use Schoology to improve student outcomes. Visit Schoology.com to learn more.

While PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom contains its own comprehensive unified LMS, it is also designed as a platform to support an ecosystem of best of breed ISV partners to give educators the option to use approved third party tools with the core solution. PowerSchool has chosen Schoology as the only embedded external LMS to showcase the platform integration capabilities and provide additional options to educators.

Simplify parent and community engagement. Unify your communications across devices and platforms. SchooolMessenger is the trusted platform for parent and community engagement.

The school notification system trusted by tens of thousands of schools, SchoolMessenger Communicate is embedded within the PowerSchool user interface and was the first to be awarded all integration badges in the PowerSchool ISV Partner Program. With SchoolMessenger Communicate, PowerSchool districts can:

  • - Send a message without leaving the PowerSchool user interface
  • - Give access to parents to update contact preferences and review past messages
  • - Use true single sign-on with added features through SchoolMessenger Passport

BrightArrow provides automated messaging (voice calls, text messages, emails, social media posts) from PowerSchool.  Fully embedded into the PowerSchool interface, BrightArrow quickly and reliably sends calls, texts, and emails to parents and staff for emergencies, weather cancellations, reminders, attendance, or any other announcements.  The BrightArrow notification system also automatically emails reports such as report cards and fee balance reports, including full integration with the MBA Report Card Creator and MBA Fees plugin. 

e~Funds for Schools' online and mobile payment solutions, working in real time with PowerSchool, provides secure payments for lunch, student fees, events, general purchases and other school related items. When parents access the system, they can make one payment for one or all of their children during one single visit, at no cost to the district!

Parents are tired of going to one place to pay for food service, another to donate to a fundraising campaign, somewhere else to buy tickets to the school play, and somewhere else again to pay for early childhood programs. With one robust, flexible payment portal, EduTrak now helps districts put all payments in a single place with account history that parents can easily track. School business officials now just have one place to go for bank reconciliation and state reporting for all revenue received by the school. Find out today how our fully integrated, single sign-on payment solution can help your PowerSchool District!

identiMetrics Biometric ID Managementâ„¢ is for school administrators who need to simplify ID management for students and staff. identiMetrics powerful biometric platform works with PowerSchool and ALL the leading education software with one common biometric database for example attendance, food service, library, employee time clock, for dances and athletic events - everywhere when accurately identifying students and staff is required.