2017 Southeast PSUG Event

4:00-6:00 PM   Registration
7:00 - 8:30 AM       Breakfast & Keynote
8:30 - 10:00 AM     Breakout Session
10:15 - 11:45 AM     Breakout Session
12:00 - 1:00 PM     Lunch
1:00 - 2:30 PM       Breakout Session
2:45 - 4:15 PM       Breakout Session
*Some days may go past 5:00!!
 **Schedule and times subject to change
Dinners will be on your own
We will post area restaurants online soon!
Sunday Night
Welcome Reception Sponsored by:  (TBD)
Exciting details about our special Sunday evening event will be announced soon.
Monday Night
Vendor Reception w/FUN entertainment.  Sponsored by all of our generous sponsors and exhibitors.  Be sure to spend some time with all of our great vendor friends. Without them, we could not bring you such a quality event.
1 1/2-day Scheduling Workshop
1-on-1 Support - 30 minute appointments
A Day in the Life of a Powerful Secretary - Double Session
A Year in the Life of a Powerful Secretary
Advanced SQL
Advanced sqlReports 4
Apex Enterprise Reporting
Attendance and Attendance Reports
Auto Comm/Auto Send
Beginning Customization
Beginning Excel 
Beginning jQuery
Beginning SQL
Bring Customizations to the Next Level with AJAX
Building a Plug-in: Start to Finish
Course Management
Creating Reports with sqlReports 4
Custom Fields to Extensions Migration
Customizing PowerTeacher Pro
Data Access Tags & Codes - Common and Not So Common
Data Validation - Setup and Use
Database Design for Mere Mortals
Database Extensions Best Practices
DDE - Making your Data Work for You
End of Term Process
Enterprise Reporting - Building APEX Reports
Enterprise Reporting Built in Reports
Excel - Cool Tips and Tricks
Excel - Functions/Formulas
Excel - Pivot Tables
Fees - Student Course and School
Final Grades - Pieces of the Puzzle
Functions - What do they do?
GPAs, Honor Roll and Class Rank
Graduation Issues
Graduation Planner
Health Module Setup
I'm a Counselor - Where's my training? - Double Session
Implementing Standards
Importing & Exporting
Intermediate Customizations
Intermediate jQuery
Intermediate sql
Intro to sqlReports 4
Learning Visual PST - an Object Report Writer
Log and Log Entries
Michigan State Reporting Sessions
Must Have Customizations
Navigational Changes in PTG vs PTP
Object Reports - Advanced Tips and Tricks
Object Reports - Drop in Lab
Object Reports - Intro - Double Session
Porting PowerTeacher Pages to PowerTeacher Pro
PowerScheduler - Prepare to Build
PowerSchool 101
PowerSchool Resources
PowerTeacher and Parent Portals
PowerTeacher Gradebook
PowerTeacher PRO - Admin Setup
PowerTeacher PRO - Gradebook Training
PowerTeacher PRO - Rollout Round Table
PowerTeacher Pro: Hints, Tips, & Feedback
Putting it all together - Customization Lab
Reports - Student Reports & Built In 
Reports for Data Integrity
ReportWorks - Basics
Scheduling - Elementary and Small Schools
Scheduling - Live Side Scheduling
Scheduling Lab
School Administrator Toolbox
Secretarial Best Practices
Secretarial Round Table
Single Sign On (SSO) - Setup and Use
Sponsor Sessions
sqlReports 4 Add-Ons
sqlReports 4 Lab
State Reporting Roundtables
Student Searches
System Admin - Tips and Tricks
Test Scores - Building and Importing
Test Scores - Customization
Thinking in SQL Part 1: The Basics
Thinking in SQL Part 2: The Tricky Bits
Tips and Tricks on Building a Standards Based Report Card
Using Microsoft Access with PowerSchool
Using sqlFormLetters Lite
Visual PST - Open Lab
What's New in PowerSchool Version...?