2017 National PSUG Event

FOUR Full days of great PowerSchool sessions will be offered.  Full agenda will be online this spring.

4:00-6:00 PM  Registration/Conference Check in 
7:00-10:00  FREE   PSUG Evening Event!!

7:00-8:00 AM   Breakfast & Registration
8:00-5:00 PowerSchool Sessions
7:00-11:00 PM  Welcome Reception

7:00-8:00 AM   Breakfast & Registration
8:00-5:00 PowerSchool Sessions
7:00-11:00 PM  Vendor Reception

7:00-8:00 AM   Breakfast 
8:00-5:00 PowerSchool Sessions

7:00-8:00 AM   Breakfast 
8:00-5:00 PowerSchool Sessions

More schedule info coming soon!

1 1/2-day Scheduling Workshop
1-on-1 Support - 30 minute appointments
A Day in the Life of a Powerful Secretary - Double Session
A Year in the Life of a Powerful Secretary
Advanced SQL
Advanced sqlReports 4
Apex Enterprise Reporting
Attendance and Attendance Reports
Auto Comm/Auto Send
Beginning Customization
Beginning Excel 
Beginning jQuery
Beginning SQL
Bring Customizations to the Next Level with AJAX
Building a Plug-in: Start to Finish
Course Management
Creating Reports with sqlReports 4
Custom Fields to Extensions Migration
Customizing PowerTeacher Pro
Data Access Tags & Codes - Common and Not So Common
Data Validation - Setup and Use
Database Design for Mere Mortals
Database Extensions Best Practices
DDE - Making your Data Work for You
End of Term Process
Enterprise Reporting - Building APEX Reports
Enterprise Reporting Built in Reports
Excel - Cool Tips and Tricks
Excel - Functions/Formulas
Excel - Pivot Tables
Fees - Student Course and School
Final Grades - Pieces of the Puzzle
Functions - What do they do?
GPAs, Honor Roll and Class Rank
Graduation Issues
Graduation Planner
Health Module Setup
I'm a Counselor - Where's my training? - Double Session
Implementing Standards
Importing & Exporting
Intermediate Customizations
Intermediate jQuery
Intermediate sql
Intro to sqlReports 4
Learning Visual PST - an Object Report Writer
Log and Log Entries
Michigan State Reporting Sessions
Must Have Customizations
Navigational Changes in PTG vs PTP
Object Reports - Advanced Tips and Tricks
Object Reports - Drop in Lab
Object Reports - Intro - Double Session
Porting PowerTeacher Pages to PowerTeacher Pro
PowerScheduler - Prepare to Build
PowerSchool 101
PowerSchool Resources
PowerTeacher and Parent Portals
PowerTeacher Gradebook
PowerTeacher PRO - Admin Setup
PowerTeacher PRO - Gradebook Training
PowerTeacher PRO - Rollout Round Table
PowerTeacher Pro: Hints, Tips, & Feedback
Putting it all together - Customization Lab
Reports - Student Reports & Built In 
Reports for Data Integrity
ReportWorks - Basics
Scheduling - Elementary and Small Schools
Scheduling - Live Side Scheduling
Scheduling Lab
School Administrator Toolbox
Secretarial Best Practices
Secretarial Round Table
Single Sign On (SSO) - Setup and Use
Sponsor Sessions
sqlReports 4 Add-Ons
sqlReports 4 Lab
State Reporting Roundtables
Student Searches
System Admin - Tips and Tricks
Test Scores - Building and Importing
Test Scores - Customization
Thinking in SQL Part 1: The Basics
Thinking in SQL Part 2: The Tricky Bits
Tips and Tricks on Building a Standards Based Report Card
Using Microsoft Access with PowerSchool
Using sqlFormLetters Lite
Visual PST - Open Lab
What's New in PowerSchool Version...?