ACME Plugins for PowerSchool SIS

Every year, a group of the nerdiest PowerSchool nerds from across the globe get together to learn from each other and collaborate to create customizations for the PowerSchool community. Here's what they've done.

Test Score Display

Test Score Display enhances the stock "Test Results" screen by showing much more test score detail in one view, without having to drill down into each test.
Test results can also be displayed in the teachers and parent/student portals.
It replaces the existing "Test Results" link in the student left navigation with a link to a new screen, and includes a tab named "Test Score Entry" that links to the stock Test Results screen.
Any existing stock functionality and customizations for testlist.html prior to installing this plugin should still remain.

Documentation Download Test Score Display Plugin

Python PowerSchool Module

The ACME PowerSchool module provides two interfaces for interacting with a PowerSchool instance: the REST API and an Oracle ODBC connection.

Documentation Download Python PowerSchool Module

Extracurricular Activities

The Extracurricular Activities Plugin provides school districts with a way to track student activities and keep a history of activity participation.

Documentation Extracurricular Activities Plugin 1 (Schema) Extracurricular Activities Plugin 2 (Core)

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