Advanced Customization Workshop


Credit Card Payments
If paying by credit card, please choose check or PO as your payment type for now. We are working to integrate credit card payments with our registration system and it is not quite done yet. So choose one of those two payment types and then follow the payment link on the left to pay by credit card AFTER you complete your registration.
PAYMENT MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION! Credit card payments or a PO number followed by a check within weeks of registering will be accepted.

Allergy Ino
PSUG-Events can only accommodate Vegetarian and Gluten Free meals for this event. If you need to know a dish's ingredients please ask one of the hotel wait staff.

Terms & Conditions
*As part of this public event, we will be taking photos and recording various parts of the event. We will make every attempt not to use your photo if you notify us at the event that you would prefer not to be in any event photographs or videos. But with this being a public event, we can not guarantee that you will not appear in one of the group photos or videos. This event is NOT a PowerSchool Group LLC event! Disclaimer: The information and suggestions presented at seminars and conferences sponsored by PSUG-Events are subject to constant change and, therefore, should only serve as a foundation for further investigation and study. Additionally, any forms or documentation presented at such events are samples only and are not necessarily authoritative. All information, procedures, and documentation contained or used in such events should be carefully reviewed and should serve as a guide for use in specific situations. Speakers are expressing their own views, or those of PSUG contributors. Such views and opinions have not been approved or endorsed by PowerSchool nor PSUG-Events. No refunds for this event. No shows will not be refunded. Substitutions may be allowed.

Again, this is not a formal training conference like our other events. This is where many advanced customization people will gather to share what they know and work in groups to create a new project and learn from each other.