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Central Records Gateway from SRC Solutions    1 Learn how your district can go all the way from Online Lottery to Online Registration to Parent Accessible Electronic Cumulative folders with The Gateway Suite from SRC Solutions.  SRC Solutions is the only partner to PowerSchool districts to offer a completely integrated end-to-end solution built from the ground up for interoperability and compatibility. How does your district manage FERPA compliance, document access and residency fraud?  Your district deserves more than a passive registration solution.  Your district deserves an architecture designed around your needs and the ever changing education landscape. Bridge the paperless gaps from lottery to registration to electronic cumulative folders with the Gateway Suite from SRC Solutions.

Computer Logic Group    2 Computer Logic Group is an education solution provider with broad experience with the PowerSchool application. CLG provides a secure hosting service for your PowerSchool application with ODBC and custom/web_root access, PowerSchool Training, Customizations and Help Desk Support!  Currently CLG provides hosting for many large, medium and small districts/schools (public, private, parochial and charter) in most states with many international customers!

Level Data   3 State Data Validation Suite: the State Data Validation Suite from Level Data provides two validation services to proactively correct errors in PowerSchool PRIOR to submission of data to the state. The State Validation service breaks the cycle of submit, reject, fix, and repeat, reducing the time for correcting errors by as much as 75%. Up to ten student records can be corrected at a time. The RealTime Validation service provides an enhanced field validation to PowerSchool stock fields as well as state demographic fields. Validated fields will even show on custom screens. Addresses can be validated too; they are compared to a CASS-certified service. A workflow dialog box shows the status of all pages in one of four workflows and even provides a button for the user to create a bookmark for future reference.
PowerSchool      5 PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12, serving more than 32 million students, 66 million parents, and 100 million users in over 70 countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience with best -in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration and school choice, student information systems, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management. We empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and we engage families through real-time communications across any device.

West - SchoolMessenger     4 PowerSchool partnership brings together two industry leaders, providing school districts with improved integration, streamlined implementation and better overall support. SchoolMessenger allows school districts to easily use their PowerSchool data to quickly reach targeted groups of parents and staff through several channels including voice message, SMS text, email, social media, RSS and website postings. SchoolMessenger is the notification service used by more than 500 PowerSchool districts - more than any other notification provider. It comes with world class infrastructure  that serves some of the nation's largest school districts and even the US military.

Logo Name Table Description

AccelaSchool 7 AccelaSchool is a class leader in school paperless data collection focused on partnering with school districts to maximize efficiency across multiple facets of school business including but not limited to online enrollment, parent teacher conferences, IEP management, community service management, athletic registration, and back office efficiency improvement. AccelaSchool strives to redirect these efficiency gains back into the classrooms as cost and time saving for district staff

Alert Solutions 14 Alert Solutions, the only completely embedded communication suite within Pearson's PowerSchool, is a cutting-edge approach to school communication.  Using multiple messaging channels, Alert Solutions tailors communication based on school and parent preferences, using real-time contact information. Eliminating the need to sync or transfer data again, the seamless integration with PowerSchool provides users with access to real-time contact data every time they send a message.  Additional modules within Alert Solutions' Communication Suite include the Automated Reports Module, an easy way to automatically send any PDF document or Report to parents and/or students, as well as Speak Up!, an anonymous 2-way communication platform.

BrightArrow 6 BrightArrow showcases its Digital Voice Dialer hosted notification system at $1/student/year ($100 minimum) – fully embedded into PowerSchool. BrightArrow's full-featured system quickly delivers unlimited voice calls, emails and texts using a fast, simple Web interface. 

Product features include: PowerSchool/PowerTeacher/Parent Portal integration, a Two-way Emergency and Anti-Bullying hotline for fast voice and text response to urgent and important conditions, PowerSchool report integration for automatic message delivery, an In-classroom Emergency Alert, an HTML e-mail editor supporting attachments, automated attendance and lunch balance calls, and easy list and user management features to allow usage by authorized administrators, teachers and coaches. Supporting over 40 languages with its auto-translation feature, providing iPhone and Android apps, and extending the communication reach with its Twitter/Facebook connections, BrightArrow remains unparalleled in offering the broadest range of features at the lowest cost to its fast-growing customer base. Contact Raymond Bily, rbily@brightarrow.com
Bull Valley Software 18 In today's fast paced global business environment, handling paper and managing electronically-saved information are two bottlenecks that an organization can no longer afford. With legislation such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and the revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), plus the skyrocketing costs of electronic discovery, these are no longer merely a drain on an organization's productivity; they can be financially devastating if not properly managed. DocumentLOKTM , the innovative document management solution from Bull Valley Software, allows your organization to spend more time on business-critical and income-producing projects - instead of on administrative and paper-based chores.

CEO Image Systems 8 Document management isn’t rocket science though some software companies would like you to think it is. You do it now in one form or another. The question is, how can you do it faster and smarter? That’s where CEO Image Executive comes in. It’s designed to sweep away paper clutter, organize all sorts of information the way you wish it had always been done, and bring it to your fingertips exactly when you need it.

The key to organizing information is getting it all into common system. both scanned and digital documents, pictures, audio and video files— they all work in Image Executive. 

With both paper filing systems and linear digital ones, there’s always the risk of putting a document into the wrong folder or a folder in the wrong place. You may have to sort through a stack of loose papers in a folder or forget what you named a digital file. That’s in the past with CEO Image Executive.

Finding a file managed by CEO Image Executive is a snap because you can search or refine a search in many ways. You can locate any document you need while seated at your desk or, using your internet browser, while you’re far away from the office.  

Security in the document management world means access to files and records. Different departments or individuals within an organization need access to different types of documents. With CEO Image Executive, access can be assigned by many options. CEO staff will work with you to determine how access should be distributed in your organization as part of the planning process.

e~funds for Schools 12 Magic-Wrighter, Inc., the parent company of the e~Funds for Schools product and services, provides electronic payment services to over 4,000 schools, 14,000 businesses, 500 municipalities and 500 financial institutions. Our data center meets all PCI requirements for credit card payment services. In addition, our data center has audits conducted by state and federal regulatory agencies. 

The company was formed in 1982 for the purpose of providing electronic payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of specific clients. Over the past 10 years the e~Funds for Schools product and services have been continually enhanced in order to meet the payment processing needs of schools throughout the US. Our electronic payment services have been integrated into many school systems and e~Funds for Schools is currently known as the nation's best payment processor for schools K-12.

Ident-A-Kid 17 dent-A-Kid’s School Security system is an-award-winning, state-of-the-art system that will track all visitor, volunteer, staff and student activity at your school and district. Our software is easy-to-use and will scan all visitors against the National Sexual Offender Registry as well as your custom banned/custody issue (NoGo) list, to secure your campus from visitors who do not need access to your students and faculty. Many schools have been able to significantly reduce administrative resources due to the time savings in accounting for tardy and early dismissal students as well as staff and volunteer hour tracking. This success has resulted in Ident-A-Kid’s Visitor Management system being used in over 7,000 school locations nationwide and winning the District Magazine Top 100 Product award for several years.

IdentiMetrics, Inc 13 The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID system is a powerful biometric ID system that uses finger scanning technology to provide indisputable proof of student ID. With just the touch of a finger, it eliminates the need for ID cards and ID numbers allowing schools and school districts to run their schools more efficiently. The system uses a single common database for student ID in the cafeteria, classroom, attendance office, school entrance, nurse’s office, library, book store, for dances and athletic events everywhere in you need to accurately identify students.

Kimono 10 Kimono is a premium interoperability platform that provides an intuitive, user-centric experience in educational data integration. We solve complex, evolving integration problems with real-time solutions that improve the accuracy, accessibility, and privacy of student information. Kimono quickly and easily connects PowerSchool with other applications, such as Canvas, Google Apps for Education, and Active Directory, enabling bi-directional data to flow automatically and in real-time. Because our platform is standards-agnostic, customers utilize the preferred data standard and integration method for each application in one seamless solution. Built by the most skilled and innovative team in educational data management, Kimono’s multi-tenant, cloud-based platform is the most comprehensive educational interoperability solution.

Marcia Brenner Associates 11 Marcia Brenner Associates (MBA) has been enhancing the PowerSchool experience for schools for over 30 years! PowerSchool is a very robust and configurable student management system. The rich functionality of PowerSchool and ability to customize it are two major reasons why PowerSchool is the most-widely used student management system across the country. The staff at MBA can help your school district achieve the maximum potential of PowerSchool by adding customizations to fit the unique needs of your school district and by offering supplemental support and training. MBA currently offers affordable plugins for Custom Alerts, Behavior, Meds, Form Builder, Fees, Custom Report Cards and Café. If your district has other unique needs, we will work with you to design a project tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Titan Schools 9 TITAN’s web-based school nutrition solutions make your operations stronger, more effective and efficient. We provide simple straight-forward, yet comprehensive management and communications tools with a revolutionary, all-inclusive subscription model. Budget-friendly, transparent pricing begins right here.

Know in advance exactly how much value you can expect with our scalable, integrated, browser agnostic solutions. With TITAN, there are no surprises. We don’t require the districts we partner with to help cover a massive corporate overhead– we don’t have one. TITAN School Solutions is a company of school information technology veterans with a passion for improving operations in education.

webEdge15 Show Parents & Guardians That Their Time Matters. webEDGE allows districts to digitally present their Assessment Parent Reports & other documents directly inside the Parent Portal. By using Single Sign-on Technology (SSO), webEDGE makes it easy for parents & guardians to view these images.  

Keep Your District’s Resources Working For You. webEDGE facilitates your district’s productivity by relieving hours of work and exchanging data efficiently using PowerSchool’s enhanced API.  

Get The Word Out.
With your webEDGE Administration Console, YOU choose what the parents see. Tailor district specific messages to parents to convey important information. When logging into your webEDGE Administration Console, you immediately have a quick summary of document status, parental viewing statistics and other important metrics in a dashboard format.  

Know Who Is Looking.
With webEDGE, not only can you show these images but with our Reporting Feature you will know and be able to verify which documents have been viewed and which have not.  

Keep Track Of Progress.
The archive feature within webEDGE allows images to be hosted over multiple school years.  

WordWare 16

A breakthrough system that works on all HTML5-compatible devices with zero compatibility problems. Takes only minutes to install and connects securely to the cloud for automatic updates, sync and backup. Controlled access protects the security of your internal network. Ideal for school cafeterias, colleges and universities, hospitals and commercial building cafeterias.

 • Point of Sale - Intuitive and User Friendly, Robust Reporting, Fast Lunch Lines, Integrates with any SIS
• Free and Reduced - Best of Breed Solution, Unique Timeline Keeps Process on Track, Increase Staff Productivity by Reduced Processing Time
• Superior Technology - Multiple Deployment Options (Cloud, VM, Server or Combo), Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Continuously Evolving Features and Functionality • Online Payment Options
• Free Upgrades and Enhancements
• Top Notch Support
• Plus Much, Much More